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Stil Recurve
Straightness - rectiliniaritate .0015"

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Shaft-urile Nano-Pro sunt considerate de multi arcasi ca fiind  cele mai bune 100% carbon shaft-uri din lume. Proiectate pentru arcuri recurve, pentru competitiile de  target si field  de distanta mare organizate de FITA, NAA si NFAA. Sunt proiectate cu o incredibil straightness de 0.0015! Sunt cele mai rapide la parasirea arcului chiar si fata de Nano-XR furnizand cea mai plata traiectorie si precizie superioara. Au cel mai mic diametru , care aproape elimina deviatiile vantului si isi mentin toleranta spin-ului initiala pentru mai multe sezoane. Straightness: 0.0015

Small diameter shaft from Carbon Express.

Key features:

  • Especially developed for recurve archers - not intended for compound use.
  • Uses three spine areas, with the central section stiffest to allow for perfect clearnace
  • Ultra slim, parallel shaft that dramatically reduces cross-wind drift
  • All carbon construction for straightness and ensuring faster recovery out of the bow and superior downrange accuracy 

 Nano-Pro™ X-Treme™ is a new offering specifically engineered for today’s competitive recurve bows. When the difference of success can be that of mere millimeters in FITA, NAA and NFAA long-distance field shooting, the Nano-Pro™ X-Treme™ is sure to deliver pinpoint accuracy as a result of its multi-spine construction. Utilizing and incredibly light yet strong 46-ton carbon, the Nano-Pro™ X-Treme™ is a parallel shaft that has three distinct spines with the stiffest section being in the mid area and the weakest spine positioned at the back end of the shaft allowing for ideal fletching clearance through the cushion plunger and arrow rest. With this design, the Nano-Pro™ X-Treme™ recovers faster out of the bow while delivering the flattest trajectory and superior down range accuracy. Keeping true to form of the Nano-Pro series, it has the smallest diameter of any of our target arrows coupled with the parallel shaft design to virtually eliminate cross-wind drift. Contrary to aluminum core arrows, the Nano series won’t take a set (permanent) bend, and consistently hold their initial spine tolerance for several seasons.

Daca doriti o alta lungime a shaftului sagetii decat cea asigurata de furnizor se va adauga costul de service taiere shaft  

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